Osteria del Cappello
Cold cuts, wines and typical local dishes
in Bologna since 1375

The tavern where I eat my meals is one of the places in which I love Italy.
Festive dogs come in, nobody knows who their owner is, naked children with a straw flask in their hands.
I eat alone, just like the Pope, I do not talk to anyone and I have as much fun as I do at the theatre.

Umberto Saba

We have decided to revive the tradition of this ancient Osteria to valorise
Bologna, its local area, food and
conviviality , to rediscover a rich and important food and wine tradition
and to enjoy the pleasures of a leisurely meal eaten in good company.
To avoid waste and ensure cuisine as healthy and authentic as tradition would have it, all
Osteria dishes are made from scratch and prepared fresh
every day.

We make our own bread, pasta and sweets.



Tigelle & Co. (suggested for two people)
basket of fried and baked local bread with cold cuts and cheeses 19,00 €

Beef tartare 14,00 €

Fried tortellini with sauces 13,00 €

* Egg cooked at low temperature with cauliflower, cardoncelli mushrooms, fried leeks and parsley 13,00 €

Pasta from our Bottega

Tagliatelle with ragù 11,00 €

Short and curly in a sausage and leek sauce
11,00 €

* Filled with ricotta and parsley in a butter and sage sauce 13,00 €

Filled with meat and parmigiano in a chicken stock 14,00 €

* Spaghettoni pasta with turnip tops 13,00 €

* Passatelli with artichoke 14,00 €

Ditalini pasta with rabbit ragout 14 €

* Vegetarian dish
* Vegan dish

Second courses

Fried veal cutlet with ham and melted parmigiano reggiano 20,00 €

Beef steak with roast potatoes 20,00 €

Meatballs in a peas and tomato sauce 15,00 €

* Fried polenta with leeks, cardoncelli mushrooms, beetroot, endive salad and Brussels sprouts  16,00 €

Roasted potatoes 6,00 €

Onion and tomatoes stew 6,00 €

Seasonal vegetables 6,00 €


Chocolate cake with mascarpone cream 6.00 €
Rice pudding 5.00 €
Fruit tart 5.00 €
Custard and sponge cake 5.00 €
Panna cotta (steamed milk pudding) 6.00 €
Cookies filled with spiced plum jam 5.00 €
Almond biscotti and assorted cookies with Albana dessert wine from Romagna 7.00 €
Chocolate “salami” with Sangiovese dessert wine from Romagna 7.00 €

La Bottega

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